oklahoma energy

Exploration & development

We buy producing oil & gas assets, optimize management, and enhance production.

With 40 plus years of industry experience, we conduct thorough in-house due diligence.


We operate wells across the entire State of Oklahoma, targeting existing production.


We aim to rejuvenate production, optimize overhead, & explore untapped potential.

Rise early, work hard, strike oil.

- J. Paul Getty
Our philosophy
Since its inception, Royalty Energy Development has set out to be an independent oil and gas exploration & production operating company. We generate our own prospects, lease our own minerals, direct our own operations, and manage our own production. We do it with the fewest people possible to generate the highest amount of economic output possible.
Sell your interests
We purchase minerals, overrides, and working interest across the country. If you are interested in receiving a no obligation offer, fill out the form and we will provide an offer within 48 hours.