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What if I need to change my address?


Your correct address on file will allow you to receive your royalty payments, 1099 each year, or any other correspondence that is mailed by Red. Please download this form and return to us via email or direct mail.

Email | Owners@okroyalty.com
Mailing Address | PO Box 32 Edmond, OK 73083

Change of Address Form

Why does my payment amount change?


Changing market conditions can cause price fluctuations, while mechanical or operational problems or routine maintenance may temporarily affect production, causing downtime. If you have reason to believe an error has occurred, contact us.

What is a Division Order?


A division order is a record of your interest in a specific well. It contains your name, address, decimal interest, the spacing unit acreage, legal description of the well, interest type, allocation factor (if applicable), well number, and well name. Division orders are issued to all owners in a specific well after that well has had first sales of either oil or gas. Amended division orders will be issued if a well undergoes a “rework” of ownership due to a spacing unit change, updated title information, or revised allocation factors. Amended division orders will also be issued when a transfer of interest occurs between two or more parties. You should only receive a division order if your interest has been calculated for a well’s initial disbursement or has been affected by some change that has occurred. Upon examination of your division orders, you should keep one copy for your records and remit an executed copy back to Royalty Energy Development or the Purchaser requesting the information.

What if ownership has changed?


During the life of a well, there may be a need to update ownership records. This could be due to several types of transactions or occurrences such as sale of the property or mineral interests therein, or the death of an owner. In order for RED to update our records to reflect the most current ownership, it is the duty of the mineral owner to provide the appropriate instrument reflecting the change in ownership. The instrument must be recorded in the real property records of the county or parish in which the well is located.

Download Affidavit of Heirship Form

Why do you need a W-9?


We require this form to verify an owner’s name, address, tax number and owner type.

Download IRS W-9 Form

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